The KwickGripper solves all nail removal needs.

KwickGripper --

An innovative nail puller developed from pure necessity.
When completion of your project depends on the removal of a fastener that your trusty hammer or crowbar can’t budge, where do you turn? Enter the Kwick Gripper, the most innovative and effective nail removal tool in existence.

Your typical crow bar or claw hammer may multiply your input force by 3 to 6 times – the Kwick Gripper nail puller tool can multiply your pulling power by 12.8! This leverage conversion allows you to remove fasteners with just 30 pounds of force, compared to the 60 pounds of force required to remove a nail or screw with a conventional claw hammer.

Grip fastener with the jaws.
Leverage conversion multiplies power.
Remove long nails and screws.
Successfully remove the most difficult fasteners!
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Functional Overview:

Kwick Gripper nail puller removes even headless nails and mangled screws. The Kwick Gripper’s streamlined, thin design allows for nail and screw removal from tight spots and corners – where a regular hammer claw can’t reach.

With its patented design, the Kwick Gripper carpenter’s tool makes removing fasteners easy - requiring little effort or physical strength from the user while reducing the amount of damage to boards.


Unlike other nail removers and screw removal tools, the KwickGripper helps with:

Avoiding fatigue and muscle strain: The Kwick Gripper allows you to remove a stripped screw or broken bolt with half the effort of traditional nail removal tools. This saves you from exerting a large amount of effort, allowing you to complete projects without unnecessary fatigue and strain.

Gripping in small spaces: One of the best tools for home improvement, the Kwick Gripper’s innovative jaw system allows it to firmly grip headless nails and broken staples in spaces your hammer just can’t reach.

Material preservation: Reusing materials can be a great way to keep your projects in budget and conserve resources. The Kwick Gripper nail removal tool is safe on wood and allows you to remove nails and screws without damaging materials.

Obstacle elimination: With the Kwick Gripper, no longer will a headless nail, poorly placed screw or broken staple halt your progress. The KwickGripper makes short work of all of these obstacles.


For more information, or to order your KwickGripper nail and screw extractor, contact E.B. Tool Company at 608-561-8665.

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