Don’t let broken nails, screws or staples get in your way!

As a contractor, home improvement “do-it-yourselfer” or hobbyist, getting your projects done quickly and within budget is a pretty high priority. Unfortunately, even the easiest projects can hit a snag when a broken nail, stripped screw, or mangled staple gets in your way. When a conventional screw extractor or nail removal tool can’t get the job done, your project can grind to a halt and valuable materials can be damaged.


With the innovative tools for home improvement at E.B. Tool Company, you’ll never be left wondering how to remove a broken bolt or pull a headless nail again. We’ve spent the last seven years reviewing the weaknesses of conventional screw extractor sets and nail pullers, allowing us to develop tools carpenters need that outperform claw hammers and crowbars – all to help you complete your projects as quickly and easily as possible.


Nail removal struggles are a thing of the past with the KwickGripper


Headless nails and stripped screws can be difficult to remove, especially in spaces too tight for a claw hammer or crowbar. Despite their small size, these broken fasteners can cost time and money as you fight to remove them.


You don’t have to hassle with a broken nail, stripped nut, or twisted staple any longer. With the innovative KwickGripper nail puller tool, you can make short work of broken and bent fasteners and keep your project on track.


For more information, or to order your KwickGripper nail remover tool, give E.B. Tool Company a call at 608-561-8665.