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  • Create An Eye-Catching Room With Reclaimed Wood Flooring!

    Use Reclaimed Wood for Flooring Use Reclaimed Wood for Flooring


    Walk into any newly constructed or renovated house and you are sure to see wood flooring. Wood has quickly replaced carpet and linoleum as the flooring of choice in any home and for good reason – wood is durable, easy to clean, and gives a room a timeless look and feel.


    Repurposing timbers to be used for wood flooring is a great project for any DIY handyman. Even though this may not be the easiest project, creating a piece of your home you will see everyday is something special and worth the extra time and labor.


    The first step in any flooring project is figuring out how much wood you will need. Take some measurements of the area you will be flooring and come up with an exact square footage. Once you start collecting wood, be sure to get above this number, as you will likely need more.


    Next, you will need to find wood to use! Old pallets are a great option as the boards are already uniformly cut. Asking around on the Internet or local businesses will usually produce good leads on where to find pallets. Deserted barns can be a gold mine for great lumber as well, just be sure to seek permission before taking anything.


    Once you have enough lumber for your flooring project, you’ll likely notice nails and screws sticking out of these planks. These must be taken before you can start any of the cutting, sanding, and staining. This is where the KwickGripper from E.B. Tool Company comes in.


    The KwickGripper is a revolutionary nail puller that makes removing stripped screws, headless nails, or mangled staples from reclaimed lumber a breeze. It is a tool box essential for any DIY handyman that uses wood for their projects. Before diving into your wood-flooring project, make sure you have the KwickGripper nail remover in your DIY tool bag.

  • The KwickGripper Gets Praise from a Top Minnesota Deck Building Company, UglyDeck.com

    Removing nails safely with the Kwick Gripper nail removal tool See What Others Have to Say about Our Nail Removing Tools


    Our KwickGripper is innovative, powerful, and versatile. We’ve seen it work well for everyone from the household handyman with a honey-do list to reclaimed wood artists and enthusiasts. Recently, the KwickGripper was able to help out UglyDeck.com, a Minnesota-based deck building company.


    Here’s what Bill Barton, a founder and owner of UglyDeck.com, has to say about E.B. Tool Company’s nail remover:

    The guys on the crew kept asking, “Where’s that tool? Who’s got that tool?” We finally realized it was the KwickGripper, so we ordered a five pack. It’s a really great tool for deck jobs and deck restoration – much more heavy-duty than other tools like it. Beyond the fact that it’s useful, we’re happy to support a local business.


    With its great grip and unique design, the KwickGripper nail puller works well on larger or difficult-to-reach fasteners like deck nails and screws. Additionally, like E.B. Tool Company, UglyDeck.com is interested in long-lasting and sustainable projects. The deck builder offers best-quality maintenance free decking, aluminum deck railing, and outdoor spiral staircases made of composite material that resists rust, weathering, discoloration, mold, pests and more.


    Whether you need to replace a cabinet door or fully restore a deck, the KwickGripper can help. Learn more about the heavy-duty tool online at ebtoolcompany.com, or give the team a call at 608-630-5611. We can’t wait to see what you do with the KwickGripper!

  • The Mark of a Smart Household Handyman is Knowing When to Outsource

    Most effective nail remover tool Get Support for DIY Handyman Projects


    Every household handyman is ready for a challenge. However, the smart do-it-yourself handyman knows when it is best to call a professional.


    Though a fix may seem quick and easy, some projects require the services of an expert for safety’s sake. Sure, there is probably a YouTube video or a blog somewhere with instructions for the family handy man – but sometimes the risk outweighs any bragging rights.


    Here at E.B Tool Company, we love a good DIY project. However, it’s better to get support for:


    Electrical: The results of a misstep in electrical work can be disastrous. For anything more than a basic fixture installation, call in the experts. Electrocution can easily be fatal, and accounts for over 30,000 injuries annually.


    Asbestos: Always call certified professionals for asbestos removal. Often mandated by law, failure to comply can lead to extensive fines and could endanger the health of your family and neighbors.


    Gas: For all repairs involving gas lines – from moving an appliance to installing a new one – call a professional. A leak can lead to the silent killer, carbon monoxide poisoning.


    Roofing: Replacing a shingle may not be that tough, but sizeable repairs involve more than meets the eye. Carrying tools up and down a ladder is difficult, and slipping and falling becomes more likely as the roof pitch steepens.


    Plumbing: It’s one thing to change a faucet or a toilet, but when it comes to pipes and drains, call the professionals. A mistake can lead to a big mess and a hefty bill down the road.


    For any home repair project, E.B. Tool Company suggests you consider the risks, get help when it is needed, and pick the right tools. Tool box essentials like the KwickGripper, our own innovative fastener remover, can reduce strain on the user and cause minimal damage to materials.


    Making a lot of projects simple and easy for a DIY handyman, the KwickGripper from E.B. Tool Company is high on the list of important tools for home improvement. Get one today by contacting E.B. Tool Company at 608-561-8665.

  • Safely Removing Nails During Gutter Repair


    Use the coupon code 15jason to get 15% off the Kwick Gripper Nail Removal Tool The Kwick Gripper is the perfect nail removal tool for gutter repair


    Fix your home the smart way. When making handy man, DIY repairs, stay safe and complete your project efficiently with the Kwick Gripper nail remover by E.B. Tool Company. In the last post from this series of handyman tips for home repair, learn about fixing your gutter with decreased risk.


    Repairing gutters can be time-consuming. Whether you are tightening a loose downspout or replacing an old gutter system, the first step is to remove any blockage. Full gutters are heavy gutters! Then, you are ready to start removing screws, nails, or any difficult or broken fasteners.


    All set? Grab your Kwick Gripper nail puller, a ladder, a small container to hold nails and screws, and any other tools you’ll need to complete your specific job.


    When removing gutter nails or screws, start on one end and work toward the other. Once you are done removing damaged fasteners, you can start removing any gutter spikes that may be loose or in the way. Just remember to replace them as you go if you plan to keep your current gutter system. Otherwise, recruit a helper to hold the end of the gutter as you remove it entirely.


    The Kwick Gripper is one of the best tools for DIY gutter repair. It makes the nail removal process a breeze, with wide jaws that enable it to chomp into corners and other tight areas a hammer claw can’t reach. It’s also perfect for removing long nails or spikes. As an added bonus, the Kwick Gripper nail remover’s unique design converts gripping force into pulling force, so you don’t have to worry about overexerting yourself when working from heights on a ladder.


    Helpful hint: Don’t forget to wear protective gloves during your gutter repair project!


    Don’t waste your time using an ineffective nail removal tool.  Choose the Kwick Gripper and complete your project with ease, speed, and efficiency. This is one DIY tool that you’ll use over and over on various construction, repair, and woodworking projects. Order today with the coupon code “15JASON” for a 15% discount!

  • Safely Removing Nails That Are Popped or Loose on a Deck


    The Kwick Gripper nail removal tool can keep your work area safe. The KwickGripper is perfect for your DIY tool box


    Working on a DIY handyman deck repair project? Find helpful tips in this installation of E.B. Tool Company’s blog series that highlights ways the Kwick Gripper nail removal tool can keep your work area safe.


    Nails commonly pop out of a deck due to weather fluctuations, everyday wear and tear, and environmental factors. This can be an annoying and potentially dangerous problem. Removing nails, at least the unwanted ones, should be the first step in any deck repair project.


    For people who walk on a deck - especially barefoot - popped or loose nails are a major safety hazard. Stepping on a nail can cause a serious foot injury and could lead to a nasty infection. Ensure that your deck is free from stray nails by using the Kwick Gripper nail removal tool. This innovative nail puller extracts fasteners from decks quickly and easily.


    Once protruding nails are removed using your KwickGripper, you’re ready to start making improvements to your deck. Remember to replace any fasteners you remove with joist hanger nails or carriage bolts designed specifically for decks. Loose railings or posts may be due to incorrect fastener types, or simply a deck builder that didn’t use enough nails or bolts in the first place.


    If you are anticipating a deck repair, pick up the Kwick Gripper nail remover and bolt extractor. It will save you time and give you peace of mind knowing that your deck boards are free from dangerous fasteners and ready for repair.


    The KwickGripper is perfect for removing screws, staples, nails, bolts, and more, making this versatile, basic hand tool vital for home repair.


    Craving more tips and information about the KwickGripper? That’s perfect, because we have a newsletter! Also, you can save 15% off your next order with the coupon code “15BEN.” Add the KwickGripper to your DIY tool box today!

  • Client Testimonial for the Kwick Gripper Nail Remover

    Mr Eby


    Firewood Furniture is a small business specializing in the reclamation of old lumber, especially hardwood pallets.  This material, while readily available and inexpensive, nonetheless provides some challenges to carpenters in the form of deeply embedded cyclone nails.  In oak especially, the thirty or more fasteners will sink in and react with the wood itself to form a bond almost unbreakable by traditional tools.


    Part of our process involves this demolition, and since the start of our business, the removal of old nails from our stock has been a major choke point.  Armed with claw hammers, flat bars, and every model of plier known to mankind, we have been fighting to make sure we get every nail possible,  More often than not, we do not succeed.  Too deeply embedded for the traditional hammer, the flat bat comes out and sometimes will snap the head straight off the nail, leaving nothing but a straight shank on a still-immovable piece of rusted steel wire.  so we get the pliers and pry, twist, pull, yank, lever, and holler.  Sometimes we're successful, but come away with pinched fingers, strained muscles, and bruised egos.  Other times, we're not, and resort back to the hammer to pound the offending fastener deeper into the wood to hide our defeat.


    However... all that changed today, sir, thanks to your KwickGripper.  When I recieved your tool in the mail, i was immediately impressed by the heft and quality feel, and was eager to try it for myself to see if the performance matched.  Over the past few months I've amassed quite a pile of oak pallet stringers too nice ti burn but too full of headless nails to use.  It was too this pile that I took my KwickGripper.


    Mr Eby, I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the tool I've purchased from you.  What would have taken me over a day of frustrating and tedious effort took less than an hour to completely demolish into nail-less, highly usable hardwood lumber.  The action of the Kwick Gripper was exactly what was needed to do the job.  The grip of the tool on the nail, the leverage provided by the handle, and its ability to function in many different capacities is very impressive, and a timesaving addition to my business' arsenal.


    I recommend in the strongest terms that ANYONE in the demolition or reclamation business own a Kwick Gripper for every man on your team.  Its value is not only in its simplicity, durability, and straightforward operation, but the fact that it WORKS,  It beats every other tool I've tried by an order of magnitude. And it will pay for itself in a day.  I know because that's what it did for me earlier today.


    Respectfully submitted,


    Sam Long

    Owner, Firewood Furniture

    Fireman, City of Norfolk VA

  • Kwick Gripper Makes a Great Gift for DIY-ers

    Use the coupon code “15JASON” on the E.B. Tool Company website to receive 15 percent off of the Kwick Gripper nail remover Kwick Gripper Nail Removal Tool Makes a Perfect Gift


    Surprise your favorite do-it-yourself builder with the perfect present!

    If you're like a lot of people, gift giving can be a big challenge. Finding the right gift for your recipient can be next to impossible, so you may resort to a generic, one-size-fits all type of gift that leaves your recipient secretly disappointed.

    While the purpose of this Kwick Gripper blog post isn't to take the mystery and frustration out of gift giving, we are here to remind you of one potential gift that will thrill your recipient this year. Maybe a nail remover wouldn’t be ideal for Grandma, but if the person receiving the present is a woodworker, handyman, or do-it-yourselfer, they’re going to love the KwickGripper nail remover!

    The Kwick Gripper nail puller is an innovative nail removal tool that makes an otherwise arduous task (removing nails) quite simple. Entrepreneur Ben Eby and his father designed this tool after being disappointed with traditional nail removal tools on the market. What makes the Kwick Gripper nail puller stand out from other nail removers is its innovative design and the ease in which it removes nails, staples, screws, bolts, and other objects from wood. This easy-to-use nail removal tool is designed to convert pulling force into gripping force, and even makes it simple to remove damaged fasteners such as stripped screws or headless nails.

    Forget ties, grilling tools, and beer mugs. If you need to purchase a gift for a woodworker or handyman, consider something that anyone from amateurs to professionals can really use: the Kwick Gripper nail puller from E.B. Tool Company. The Kwick Gripper nail remover is also a great gift for the lady on your list who enjoys building, DIY crafts and woodworking projects – so maybe Grandma would like one after all!

    Use the coupon code “15JASON” on the E.B. Tool Company website to receive fifteen percent off of the Kwick Gripper nail remover. For more gift ideas and details on the KwickGripper, check out the product page here.

  • Seeing the Big Picture Behind Reusable/Recyclable Construction Materials

    The KwickGripper nail removal tool acts as a screw remover, bolt remover, and more. Kwick Gripper Nail Puller helps Reuse/Recycle Construction Materials


    Follow a major trend in the woodworking industry – reusing recycled wood. Recovered wood often has more character and aesthetic value than new wood, while being better for the environment. However, getting recycled wood into condition for fresh and new projects can be a challenge. That’s where the Kwick Gripper nail puller comes in.


    Often, old wood is full of nails, screws, and staples from previous projects. Detaching a variety of different fasteners can be a challenge for traditional nail removal tools. However, the Kwick Gripper nail puller by E.B. Tool Company, makes this an easy job. The Kwick Gripper nail remover is unique, translating gripping force into pulling force. Even headless nails are no match for the KwickGripper, which acts as a screw remover, bolt remover, and more.


    Aspiring and seasoned woodworkers alike should learn the benefits of salvaged wood. Aside from being a fun challenge, recycling lets you promote environmentally friendly practices through your hobby.


    The Benefits of Using Recycled Wood


    ● Save time: Once you’ve used your nail puller to remove nails and staples, your recycled wood is pretty much good to go. Save time - and a trip to the lumberyard - and use reclaimed wood for your next project.
    ● Save money: Why buy new when used wood will do? Reclaimed lumber is often much cheaper than new lumber. Also, use of the Kwick Gripper nail puller will save you money by making other individual screw, staple, bolt and nail removal tools unnecessary and obsolete.
    ● Save trees: It’s a simple concept: reuse old wood and spare a tree. In 2010, 15% of the 16 million tons of wood waste generated that year was recycled. Work with the E.B. Tool Company to make that percentage even higher.


    Ready to get started? Click here to find out how the KwickGripper can solve all of your nail removal needs. Use the coupon code “15BEN" for 15% off of the nail removal tool today. Then, get your old wood into working condition and create something great!

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