Triple Lock Socket Coming Soon!

Not sure how to remove a broken bolt safely? Triple-Lock Socket has the answer.


Construction or home improvement projects can take on added challenges when you encounter a stripped bolt or nut that blocks your progress and refuses to budge under the force of conventional ratchets and sockets.


This time-wasting and frustrating experience is a thing of the past, thanks to the innovative Triple-Lock Socket bolt extractor. Unlike other bolt removal tools, the Triple-Lock can handle even the most difficult jobs, including:

  • Stripped bolt heads
  • Stuck or rusty bolt removal
  • Seized or frozen bolt removal
  • Deep-set bolt removal


The Triple-Lock Socket by E.B. Tool Company makes your job easier.

Solve a bolt removal need you’ve likely encountered countless times – removing a nut or bolt that cannot be gripped or detached with a normal ratchet and socket. The Triple-Lock Socket performs better than locking pliers, and requires neither heat nor electricity. It is even pocket-sized, so you’re never without a solution.


The Triple-Lock Socket broken bolt extractor addresses a wide range of situations:

  • Construction
  • Home improvement
  • Decking
  • Appliance assembly
  • Furniture assembly
  • Automotive repairs


Clamped and locked with a screw mechanism, you don't have to worry about putting an eye out with the Triple Lock Socket – simply unlock the ring and turn. That screw-down mechanism also means you get more mechanical advantage for much more grip, and three jaws instead of two means you get more surface area to put that advantage to work. It can also be used on air-ratchets, cordless drivers and drills.


The Triple Lock Socket evenly distributes gripping force, and is fully adjustable. One Triple Lock can be used on many sizes: metric, standard, and even 12-point sockets. It saves you time, it saves you frustration, and it saves you money.


Add the Triple-Lock Socket to your DIY tool box by contacting the E.B. Tool Company at 608-561-8665.


Using the Triple Lock Socket